Andre Walters

Born in 1940, he matriculated at the Jan van Riebeeck High School with honours in English. He read for his BA Degree in English and Psychology, and completed a three-year dramatic arts course at the Academy of Dramatic Arts with honours, where he also lectured. Andre is married and has 2 children.

Andre is celebrating his 58th year broadcasting in 2018. His first broadcast was in August, 1959 when he anchored a student radio programme, called 'Student Variety', which was broadcast nationally from Cape Town.

He joined the SABC in 1962 on a full-time basis as Announcer/Producer, where he specialised in radio drama production and documentaries. In 1964 he worked in advertising as a writer and producer of radio and television advertisements (the latter for the then Rhodesian Broadcasting Corporation). In 1965 he became Radio Good Hope's first early-morning announcer and continued an acting career on the professional stage and in a series of feature films.

Andre Walters (regs) saam met akteur Cobus Rossouw

He was appointed by the SABC in 1967 to start Radio Port Natal as its first executive Programme Head. In 1969, he became responsible for the programming of Radio Good Hope, Radio Highveld and Radio Port Natal.

In 1970 he was promoted to head the Advertising Services of the SABC in the Cape until 1974, when he was promoted to Johannesburg to assist with the launching of Television with specific responsibility for Press Liaison.

In 1982 he became the Chief Executive of SABC Enterprises, where he was responsible for the international sale and development of SABC IP assets. Throughout his earlier career, he maintained his free-lance career as a radio, television and film actor (in a number of leading comedy and other roles on TV over the years) and as a voice-over artist and television presenter. He is very well known as the voice for Derrick in the German TV production, of which many series had been dubbed by the SABC over the years.

He acquired a professional qualification as an APR (Accredited Practitioner of Public Relations) in 1984, (one of the first in South Africa). He also specialised in National and International Marketing and Sales during his tenure as General Manager: Corporate Communications and Marketing at Gold Reef City. He has consulted for a number of organizations and companies over the years, including Channel Africa. He has also specialized in Environmental and other PR and Marketing, and Business Management Facilitation.

Andre, we salute you!

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