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Eric Egan

Springbok Radio Photo Archive.  The first broadcaster to host a programme on Springbok Radio on the first day.

Sheila Raymond-Jones
Springbok Radio Photo Archive. The second broadcaster who hosted the second programme "Sunbeam Time" on the first day of Springbok Radio.

Steve de Villiers
The first Afrikaans programme broadcast on Springbok Radio on 1 May 1950 was "Aan die Beminde", hosted by Steve de Villiers. He later became Director General of the SABC.

Neville Dawson
Neville Dawson (1926-1987). Neville was one of several Australian trained broadcasters that came from Australia. He was born in Perth, Western Australia in 1926. In 1941 he was drafted into the Royal Australian Air Force & after the war joined a commercial radio service in Perth. In 1948 Neville left commercial broadcasting and joined the Australian public broadcaster, the ABC. In 1950 Neville arrived in SA for a planned tour of the world. He chose SA as the start of his world tour because a distant aunt of his lived in Johannesburg & he knew that he could save costs by staying with her. In July 1950, Neville walked into Michael Silvers' CRC studios in Johannesburg & asked for a voice acting job. Due to his experience Michael Silver employed him & for 16 years Neville worked for CRC playing roles in serials & co hosting several variety programmes. In 1966 Neville resumed his world tour & in his own words it was "One of the greatest events of my life". Later in 1966, Neville was employed as a permanent staff member of Springbok Radio. Starting as continuity presenter, newsreader, producer & later host of programmes like "Music From the Americas", "Venture", "Time To Travel" & "Springbok Spotlight". When Springbok closed in 1985, Neville was one of many that did not get reassigned by the SABC & was retrenched. A few days before the closing of the station Neville fell ill & could not attend the closing of Springbok. In 1986 he approached the SABC Archives & volunteered to archive his huge archive of interviews he did with many famous celebrities during the programme "Springbok Spotlight". He passed away in early 1987, many saying that Neville died of a broken heart & could never get over the fact that Springbok Radio was closed.

Mervyn John

Springbok Radio Photo Archive. Mervyn John. Host of "Radio Jukebox & Evening Star".

Nan Fletcher

Springbok Radio Photo Archive. Nan Fletcher. Host of "Woman's Forum".

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Springbok Radio - Broadcasters

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